Tips to making your ad more effective

Make sure your headline catches their attention

If your headline is a boring, your ad will go unread. It is simple as that. Catch their attention, ask a question or offer something – but do not make it dull.

Your ad cannot be about you

Readers care about their lives and needs. Not yours, so don’t waste valuable real estate on your ad talking about you. They need to understand how or why you can help them.

A single message, short and sweet

If the reader can only remember one individual thing from your ad, what is it you want them to remember?  Don’t clutter the ad with every service and benefit you offer. Keep it centered around around a single campaign to be most effective.

Keep it visually compelling

The look and feel of the ad should help advance the story.  Photos should relate to the campaign .  Utilize your own photos if possible as some stock photos may be used in ads in other magazines that consumers have seen before!

Call to action

Every ad has a single purpose of engaging the reader to take the next step.  Simple as, visiting your website, call your number, use the coupon.  Be clear what you want the reader to do and give them a reason to do it now.

Don’t give up on ad too quick

All ads are not effective right away. Sometimes you have to run it 2 or 3 times before you start getting traction. After giving it ample time and your not seeing results, change up your campaign. Anytime you find  a campaign that works, make sure you save it for future uses.

Print advertising can be a very effective and draw in leads.  Make the most of your ad and don’t waste good money on bad ads.

Don’t Do This

Do This